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Continuous Waveform Data Download
You can download continuous waveform data observed by NIED (Hi-net, F-net, V-net, S-net, DONET, MeSO-net), JMA, universities and other organizations in Japan from this page.
On our website, data after April 1st, 2004 are available.
Old waveform data download
Pages for downloading continuous waveform data of before April 1, 2004 or the long-term data.
Event Waveform Data Download
You can download event triggered (earthquake) waveform data for local earthquakes from this page.
Preliminary Catalog by the Hi-net Automatic System
You can see the earthquake catalog obtained by the NIED Hi-net automatic hypocenter determination system.
JMA Unified Hypocenter Catalogs
You can access earthquake lists, arrival-time data, and focal mechanism catalogs provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). In order to construct these catalogs, JMA analyses not only their data but also data provided by NIED, universities, and other organizations.
Epicentral distribution of deep low-frequency tremor in southwest Japan
Azimuth Information of the Hi-net Borehole Sensors
You can check sensor orientation at the Hi-net stations on this page.
Borehole Sensors Maintenance History
On this page, we list the maintenance histories of borehole sensors.
Response of Observation Equipments
You can view total responses of the NIED Hi-net and F-net system in SEED Header format.
WIN Channels Table File for the NIED Hi-net
This page shows WIN channel information for the NIED Hi-net stations.
You can get several manuals and tools that are useful to operate data we provide on our website.
If you publish your results using waveform data downloaded from our website, you MUST acknowledge all data sources you used in your publication and send its copy to the NIED DMC. For details, check this page.

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